The Re-Moulding of ELM2587

Baked Bread has begun a succinct, yet informative, account of her transition from working at a start-up to embarking on the next step (TBD!) and the trials and tribulations associated with making such a major change. Inspired by her ruminations, I, who will refer to myself as ELM (will be crazy and *gasp* DROP THE NUMBERS!!), will follow suit and detail an account of my jump from confused pseudo-Arts journalist to…Master’s Student and from there…fashioning the ultimate Re-Start.

And this is the part I hate: condensing my past into mere sentences, crushing months into words, becoming text on a screen. But to spring into the unknown, you need something familiar to spring from, and I suppose that my brief account of myself will serve that purpose.

I thought I wanted to be a foreign correspondent while at college. That was even the subject of my (successful) application for the Ledecky International Journalism Fellowship, 2009, which allowed me to live in Prague for 2 magical months. I can tolerate living in a museum for about that length of time; anymore would have turned me into an exhibit!

Then, I veered off into artistic journalism territory. I spent several years dabbling, touched on advertising a little too, but realized that it wasn’t engaging me in the way I wished to be engaged. Cue, soul searching , confusion, onset of a quarter life crisis that marked, and still marks, me deeply…all that good stuff. So I applied to graduate school.

Now I’m heading off to NYU’s World History Masters program this September…wondering what it will be like to be a student again after a 3 year hiatus in the world. And then preparing to be spat out again, hopefully wiser.

I know that’s not the end of the path. Now, I’m faced with a daunting choice: go for what I love, or hold back, attain security, and then go for it, no holds barred, after a long hiatus. That’s a bit abstract, but it’s something I’m struggling with constantly. It makes me tired. I’m caving into to parental pressure to take the LSAT and apply to law school should the results be favourable. This is directed mostly from my Asian half, but I don’t care to dwell on the “implications.” Then I’m looking at other career tracks to prepare myself for what is to come. Still have no clue.



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